New Series since November 2015


2020/01 "Labor market reforms and allocative efficiency in Italy"
Nicolò Gnocato, Francesca Modena, Chiara Tomasi


2019/20 "Finance, property rights and productivity in Italian cooperatives"
Donald A R George, Eddi Fontanari and Ermanno Tortia

2019/19 "Monetary Policy, rational confidence, and Neo-Fisherian depressions Channel"
Lucio Gobbi, Ronny Mazzocchi and Roberto Tamborini

2019/18 "Economic Growth and Public Debt: An Experimental Approach in Search of a Confidence Channel"
Luigi Mittone, Matteo Tomaselli

2019/17 "Not Available"

2019/16 "Capabilities and firm growth: the role of formal collaboration agreements"
Roberto Gabriele, Andrea Mazzitelli, Giuseppe Espa, Maria Michela Dickson

2019/15 "Pirate Attacks and the Shape of the Italian Urban System"
Antonio Accetturo, Michele Cascarano, Guido de Blasio

2019/14 "Mothers’ and children’s employment in Europe. A comparative analysis"
Gabriella Berloffa, Eleonora Matteazzi, Alina Şandor, Paola Villa

2019/13 "CEO age and organic growth among European firms"
Giorgio Barba Navaretti, Davide Castellani and Fabio Pieri

2019/12 "Balanced-budget fiscal stimuli of investment and welfare value"
Cesare Dosi, Michele Moretto, Roberto Tamborini

2019/11 "An improved approach for estimating large losses in insurance analytics and operational risk using the g-and-h distribution"
Marco Bee, Julien Hambuckers, Luca Trapin

2019/10 "On Being Inequality Averse: Measurement and Behavioral Characterization"
Luciano Andreozzi

2019/9 "Access to Banking and the Role of Inequality and the Financial Crisis"
Mauro Caselli, Babak Somekh

2019/8 "Your vote is (no) secret! How low voter density harms voter anonymity and biases elections in Italy"
Mauro Caselli, Paolo Falco

2019/7 "Teaching International Monetary Economics. Two different views"
Luca Fantacci, Lucio Gobbi, Stefano Lucarelli

2019/6 "The determinants of austerity in the European Union 2010-16"
Roberto Tamborini, Matteo Tomaselli

2019/5 "Globalization, robotization and electoral outcomes: Evidence from spatial regressions for Italy"
Mauro Caselli, Andrea Fracasso, Silvio Traverso

2019/4 "Decomposing Immigrant Differences in Physical and Mental Health: A 'Beyond the Mean' Analysis"
Gabriella Berloffa, Francesca Paolini

2019/3 "Multiple banking relationships: the role of firm connectedness"
Andrea Fracasso, Valentina Peruzzi, Chiara Tomasi

2019/2 "Modelling Extremal Dependence for Operational Risk by a Bipartite Graph"
Oliver Kley, Claudia Klüppelberg, Sandra Paterlini

2019/1 "Current account imbalances and the Euro Area. Alternative views"
Ronny Mazzocchi, Roberto Tamborini


2018/11 (New Version! Updated on 17/6/2019) "Estimating the wrapped stable distribution via indirect inference"
Marco Bee

2018/10 (New Version! Updated on 7/12/2018) "Size matters: 
Estimation sample length and electricity price forecasting accuracy"
Carlo Fezzi, Luca Mosetti

2018/09 "Classifying Firms with Text Mining"
Giacomo Caterini

2018/8 "Estimating Value-at-Risk for the g-and-h distribution: an indirect inference approach"
Marco Bee, Julien Hambuckers, Luca Trapin

2018/7 "Globalization and Electoral Outcomes: Evidence from Italy"
Mauro Caselli, Andrea Fracasso, Silvio Traverso

2018/6 "Bilateral netting and systemic liquidity shortages in banking networks"
Edoardo Gaffeo, Lucio Gobbi, Massimo Molinari

2018/5 "Matching frictions, credit reallocation and macroeconomic activity: how harmful are financial crises?"
Emanuele Ciola, Edoardo Gaffeo, Mauro Gallegati

2018/4 "Monetary policy, de-anchoring of inflation expectations, and the 'new normal' "
Lucio Gobbi, Ronny Mazzocchi, Roberto Tamborini

2018/3 "Leverage and evolving heterogeneous beliefs in a simple agent-based financial market"
Edoardo Gaffeo,

2018/2 "Export Modes and Adjustments to Exchange Rate Movements"
Stefano Bolatto, Marco Grazzi, Chiara Tomasi

2018/1 "From central planning toward a market economy: The role of ownership and competition in Vietnamese firms’ productivity"
Fabio Pieri, Le Manh-Duc, Enrico Zaninotto


2017/13 "Modelling the joint impact of R&D and ICT on productivity: A frontier analysis approach"
Fabio Pieri, Michela Vecchi, Francesco Venturini

2017/12 "Remittances and healthcare consumption: human capital investment or responses to shocks? Evidence from Peru"
Gabriella Berloffa, Sara Giunti

2017/11 "Alternative classifications of Italian banks:Do different grouping rules mislead results on the risk profile of banks?"
Ivana Catturani, Erika Dalpiaz

2017/10 "It’s not austerity. Or is it? Assessing the effect of austerity on growth in Europe, 2010-15"
Matteo Fragetta, Roberto Tamborini

2017/09 "Equilibrium unemployment as a worker insurance device: Worker insurance and wage setting in worker owned enterprises"
Marina Albanese, Cecilia Navarra, Ermanno Tortia

2017/08 "Why wages tend to be lower in worker owned firms than in investor owned firms?"
Luigi Bonatti, Lorenza A. Lorenzetti

2017/07 "International Competition and Rent Sharing in French Manufacturing"
Lionel Nesta, Stefano Schiavo

2017/06 "Why is Europe engaged in an inter-dependence war, and how can it be stopped?"
Luciano Andreozzi, Roberto Tamborini

2017/05 "The quality of employment in the early labour market experience of young Europeans"
Gabriella Berloffa, Eleonora Matteazzi, Alina Şandor, Paola Villa

2017/04 "The intergenerational transmission of worklessness in Europe.The role of fathers and mothers"
Gabriella Berloffa, Eleonora Matteazzi, Paola Villa

2017/03  "Likelihood-based Risk Estimation for Variance-Gamma Models"
Supp. Mat. Marco Bee, Maria Michela Dickson, Flavio Santi

2017/02  "Resource allocation and productivity across provinces in China"
Peng Bin, Xiaolan Chen, Andrea Fracasso, Chiara Tomasi

2017/01 "Land, Housing, Growth and Inequality"
Luigi Bonatti


2016/12  "The Consumer Co-operatives in the Face of Large Retail Sector in Italy: a Case Study"
Alberto Ianes, Andrea Leonardi

2016/11  "Anemic economic growth in advanced economies: structural factors and the impotence of expansionary macroeconomic policies"
Luigi Bonatti

2016/10  "Analysing Economic Growth and Debt Relationship in a Panel of European Countries"
Giuliana Passamani, Roberto Tamborini, Matteo Tomaselli

2016/09 "Explaining firm sensitivity to R&D subsidies within a dose-response model: The role of financial constraints, real cost of investment, and strategic value of R&D"
Giovanni Cerulli, Bianca Poti'

2016/08 "The co-evolution of tax evasion, social capital and policy responses: A theoretical approach"
Luigi Bonatti, Lorenza Lorenzetti

2016/07 "Taxing financial transactions in fundamentally heterogeneous markets"
Edoardo Gaffeo, Massimo Molinari

2016/06 "A functional perspective to financial networks"
Edoardo Gaffeo, Massimo Molinari

2016/05 "When did inflation expectations in the euro area de-anchor? "
Andrea Fracasso, Rocco Probo

2016/04 "Incomplete geocoding and spatial sampling: the effects of locational errors on population total estimation"
Maria Michela Dickson, Giuseppe Espa,Diego Giuliani

2016/03 "Model-based variance estimation in non-measurable spatial designs"
Roberto Benedetti, Giuseppe Espa, Emanuele Taufer

2016/02 "The "obscure puzzle" of management control. Any remedy?"
Roberto Tamborini

2016/01 "Vertical organization of production and firm growth"
Fabio Pieri


2015/05 "Firm boundaries in Transition countries. The influence of technological and institutional links"
Maria Litvinova, Maria Luigia Segnana

2015/04 "A Cross-Entropy approach to the estimation of Generalised Linear Multilevel Models"
Marco Bee, Giuseppe Espa, Diego Giuliani, Flavio Santi

2015/03 "How can it work? On the impact of quantitative easing in the Eurozone"
Francesco Saraceno, Roberto Tamborini

2015/02 "Approximate likelihood inference for the Bingham distribution"
Marco Bee, Roberto Benedetti, Giuseppe Espa

2015/01 "Notarial Credit in Eighteenth-Century Trentino: Dynamics and Trends"
Marcella Lorenzini

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