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Giuseppe Arbia, Marco Bee, Giuseppe Espa, Flavio Santi (2015)
"Testing for Asymmetries and Anisotropies in Regional Economic Models"
DEM Discussion Paper 2015/15

Nives Della Valle, Maria Laura Frigotto (2015)
"Gender and entrepreneurial decision making: a study on effectuation versus causation"
DEM Discussion Paper 2015/14

Marco Bee, Giulio Gatti (2015)
"An improved pairs trading strategy based on switching regime volatility"
DEM Discussion Paper 2015/13

Luca Erzegovesi (2015)
"Il securitisation framework di Basilea III e le garanzie pubbliche su portafogli di prestiti alle PMI"
DEM Discussion Paper 2015/12

Lucia Aiello, Giuseppe Espa, Mauro Gatti, Andrea Mazzitelli (2015)
"The propensity to employ high skilled employees. An empirical analysis on Manager and Intellectual Professions"
DEM Discussion Paper 2015/11

Not available

DEM Discussion Paper 2015/10

Giuseppe Arbia, Giuseppe Espa, Diego Giuliani (2015)
"Dirty spatial econometrics"
DEM Discussion Paper 2015/09

Silvia Bortot, Ricardo Alberto Marques Pereira, Thuy H. Nguyen (2015)
"Welfare functions and inequality indices in the binomial decomposition of OWA functions"
DEM Discussion Paper 2015/08

Andrea Fracasso (2015)
"Economic Rebalancing and Growth: the Japanese experience and China’s prospects"
DEM Discussion Paper 2015/07

Maria Michela Dickson and Yves Tillé (2015)
"Ordered Spatial Sampling by Means of the Traveling Salesman Problem"
DEM Discussion Paper 2015/06

Giuseppe Arbia, Giuseppe Espa, Diego Giuliani, Rocco Micciolo (2015)
"A spatial analysis of health and pharmaceutical firm survival"
DEM Discussion Paper 2015/05

Letizia Montinari, Massimo Riccaboni, Stefano Schiavo (2015)
"Innovation, trade and the size of exporting firms"
DEM Discussion Paper 2015/04

Not available 
DEM DiscussionPaper 2015/03

Edoardo Gaffeo, Lucio gobbi (2015)
"Bilateral netting and contagion dynamics in financial networks"
DEM Discussion Paper 2015/02

Giovanni Cerulli, Roberto Gabriele, Bianca Poti' (2015)
"The Role of Firm R&D Effort and Collaboration as Mediating Drivers of Innovation Policy Effectiveness"
DEM Discussion Paper 2015/01


Luciano Pilati, Vasco Boatto (2014)
"Jointness in Sites: The Case of Migratory Beekeeping "
DEM Discussion Paper 2014/10

Giuliana Passamani, Roberto Tamborini, Matteo Tomaselli (2014)
"Sustainability vs. credibility of fiscal consolidation. A Principal Components test for the Euro Zone"
DEM Discussion Paper 2014/09

Giuseppe Arbia, Marco Bee, Giuseppe Espa, Flavio Santi (2014)
"Fitting Spatial Econometric Models through the Unilateral Approximations"
DEM Discussion Paper 2014/08

Davide Panizzolo (2014)
"Il modello di scoring del Fondo Centrale di Garanzia: un’analisi d’impatto"
DEM Discussion Paper 2014/07

Mariasole Bannò, Diego Giuliani, Enrico Zaninotto (2014)
"Going abroad on regional shoulders: The role of spillovers on the composition of regional exports"
DEM Discussion Paper 2014/06

Flavio Bazzana, Anna Zadorozhnaya, Roberto Gabriele (2014)
"The role of covenants in bond issue and investment policy. The case of Russian companies"
DEM Discussion Paper 2014/05

Hien Thu Tran, Enrico Santarelli, Enrico Zaninotto (2014)
"Efficiency or bounded rationality? Driver of firm diversification strategies in Vietnam"
DEM Discussion Paper 2014/04

Marco Bee, Massimo Riccaboni, Stefano Schiavo (2014)
"Where Gibrat meets Zipf: Scale and Scope of French Firms"
DEM Discussion Paper 2014/03

Edoardo Gaffeo, Ronny Mazzocchi (2014)
"Competition in the banking sector and economic growth: panel-based international evidence"
DEM Discussion Paper 2014/02

Edoardo Gaffeo, Massimo Molinari (2014)
"Macroprudential Consolidation Policy in Interbank Networks"
DEM Discussion Paper 2014/01



Luciano Pilati, Vasco Boatto (2013)
"Bio-Economics Of Allocatable Pollination Services: Sequential Choices And Jointness In Sites"
DEM Discussion Paper 2013/18

Maria Laura Frigotto, Marco Zamarian (2013)
"Resilience and specialization in volatile environments: evidence from the Italian Air Force Tornado crews learning practices"
DEM Discussion Paper 2013/17

Ronny Mazzocchi (2013)
"Monetary Policy when the NAIRI is unknown: The Fed and the Great Deviation"
DEM Discussion Paper 2013/16

Ronny Mazzocchi (2013)
"Intertemporal Coordination Failure and Monetary Policy"
DEM Discussion Paper 2013/15

Ronny Mazzocchi (2013)
"Investment-Saving Imbalances with Endogenous Capital Stock"
DEM Discussion Paper 2013/14

Ronny Mazzocchi (2013)
"Scope and Flaws of the New Neoclassical Synthesis"
DEM Discussion Paper 2013/13

Marco Bee, Diego Giuliani, Giuseppe Espa (2013)
"Approximate Maximum Likelihood Estimation of the Autologistic Model"
DEM Discussion Paper 2013/12 (Revised ver.)

Elena Feltrinelli, Roberto Gabriele, Sandro Trento (2013)
"Do middle managers matter?"
DEM Discussion Paper 2013/11

Roberto Tamborini (2013)
"Transatlantic austerity 2010-..."
DEM Discussion Paper 2013/10

Edoardo Gaffeo, Massimo Molinari (2013)
"Interbank contagion and resolution procedures: inspecting the mechanism"
DEM Discussion Paper 2013/09

Edoardo Gaffeo (2013)
"Using information markets in grantmaking. An assessment of the issues involved and an application to Italian banking foundation"
DEM Discussion Paper 2013/08

Giuseppe Espa, Danila Filipponi, Diego Giuliani, Davide Piacentino (2013)
"A spatial and sectoral analysis of firm demography in Italy"
DEM Discussion Paper 2013/07

Roberto Gabriele, Diego Giuliani, Marco Corsino, Giuseppe Espa (2013)
"Reassessing the spatial determinants of the growth of Italian SMEs"
DEM Discussion Paper 2013/06

Valentina Feroldi, Edoardo Gaffeo (2013)
"At the core of the international financial system"
DEM Discussion Paper 2013/05

Temporarily not available (2013)
DEM Discussion Paper 2013/04

Luigi Bonatti, Andrea Fracasso (2013)
"Origins and prospects of the Euro existential crisis"
DEM Discussion Paper 2013/03

Marina Albanese, Cecilia Navarra, Ermanno Tortia (2013)
"Employer moral hazard and wage rigidity. The case of worker-owned and investor-owned firms"
DEM Discussion Paper 2013/02

Franco Molinari (2013)
"A regular multidistance among fuzzy numbers"
DEM Discussion Paper 2013/01


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