In questa pagina vengono elencati per anno i seminari che si tengono presso il DISA e presso il CIFREM

Seminari DISA

CIFREM Seminars

Location: DISA seminar room - Faculty of Economics - Via Inama, 5 - 38122 Trento.

Please note that abstracts and full papers (when available) are downloadable from the dowonload box (see below).

10 AM

Title: Agent-Based Modeling of Minority Games (El Farol Problems)
Speaker: Prof. Shu-Heng Chen - National Chengchi University

10 AM

Title: Agent-Based Modeling of Prediction Markets
Speaker: Prof. Shu-Heng Chen - National Chengchi University

3 PM

Title: Comparing the accuracy of ABC and time-driven ABC in complex and dynamic environments: a simulation analysis
Speaker: Sophie Hoozee - ESEG - Lille (B)

3 PM

Title: Screening, Competition, and Job Design: Economic Origins of Good Jobs
Speaker: Prof. Klaus M. Schmidt - Department of Economics - University of Munich

3 PM

Title: Regulatory Independence, Investment and Political Interference: Evidence from EU - with Carlo Cambini
Speaker: Laura Rondi - Politecnico di Torino

3 PM

Title: Productivity Differences Across OECD Countries and US States, 1970-2000: The World Technology Frontier Revisited
Speaker: Jakub Growiec - Warsaw School of Economics

3 PM

Title: The Shape of Aggregate Production Functions: Evidence from Estimates of the World Technology Frontier
Speaker: Jakub Growiec - Warsaw School of Economics

3.30 PM

Title: Multi-Agent Financial Network Models For Systemic Risk Management Post 2007 Financial Crisis: New Complexity Perspectives
Speaker: Sheri Markose - University of Essex

3 PM

Title: Migration and Inter-regional Public Policy - co-authored with Rongili Biswas
Speaker: Michele Giuranno - Libera Università di Bolzano

9.30 AM

Title: The Business Model: Theoretical Roots, Recent Developments and Future Research
Speaker: Lorenzo Massa - IESE Business School, University of Barcelona

3 PM

Title: Carrots and rainbows: The role of practice in motivating contributions to open source software
Speaker: Stefan Haefliger - ETH Zurich

3 PM

Title: Do unfunded pension liabilities mean anything?
Speakers: Luca Beltrametti e  Matteo Della Valle - Università degli Studi di Genova

3 PM

Presentations - CIFREM Second Year Doctoral Students

1) Title: Organizational competencies, external environment, and the evolution of firm productivity - Speaker: Enrico Tundis
2) Title: Climate Change, Crop Yield Variability, and Food Price Volatility in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Ethiopian Case - Speaker: Zerihun Kelbore

2.30 PM

Presentations - CIFREM Second Year Doctoral Students
1) Title:
Social and Financial Performance in Medium-Sized Enterprises: an Italian Perspective - Speaker: Lucia Leonardi
2) Title: Studies in Endogenous Macrodynamics - Speaker: Ragupathy Venkatachalam
3) Title: Studies in Classical Behavioural Economics: A Thesis Proposal  - Speaker: Ying- Fang Kao

4 PM

Title: Import of Intermediates vs. Outsourcing: What Really Drives the Offshoring Indices?
Speaker: Davide Castellani - Università degli Studi di Perugia