The Consumer Neuroscience Laboratory (ncLab) of the Department of Economics and Management analyses the neuro-psychological mechanisms underlying the economic and consumption decision-making. To do this, it uses a sophisticated instrumentation that measures physiological data. In the Lab, we take care of the organization and planning of experiments and the analysis of both behavioral and neuro-psychological data.

Currently, the following instrumentation is located in the Lab:

  • Eye-link 1000 plus. This latest generation instrument allows measurements of eye movements and pupillary dilatation with a precision much higher than previous prototypes. This tool requires a PC for the generation of experimental stimuli and a PC that communicates with the first one, dedicated to recording the data after calibration and validation. This detection system captures eye movements which is useful information, especially as behavioral indices and attentive measures for the investigation of cognitive processes.
  • Biopac system 160 EDA module. This system allows the recording of the signals of the autonomic nervous system (SNA) such as, heartbeat, respiratory rate and skin conductance. Thanks to this tool we will be able to detect imperceptible physiological changes in the participants, even below their threshold of awareness. The data that are collected with this instrument reflect an activation, called "arousal", given by a response of the nervous system to an external stimulus with a general state of excitement characterized by a greater attentive-cognitive vigilance.

The transition from the physiological data to the cognitive interpretation is a delicate and important transit to make the best use of the laboratory's instruments. The collected data will then be analyzed and interpreted on the basis of the current literature.

For any requests for collaboration and use of the instrumentation, contact the Head of the Lab, prof. Nicolao Bonini (nicolao.bonini [at], tel 0461 - 282149).


  • Dott.ssa Dorigoni Alessia
  • Dott.ssa Priolo Giulia, is currently a PhD student in Cognitive Sciences at University of Trento. She graduated in Social Psychology, Work Psychology and Communication in 2017 at University of Padova. She’s interested in social psychology, decision making and risk perception.


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