How to apply

You can take part in the Erasmus Program even if you have already spent an Exchange period abroad within Erasmus (for studying/internship), but the final sum of each mobility period can not be more than 12 months in the same Study Path. 

Do you want to apply to the Erasmus Call for Application?

Please consider that:

  • taking part in International Mobility Programs will ask you time and resources. The final decision has to be personal and well motivated: try not apply just because your friends are applying;
  • get the required level of knowledge of the language you are interested in time;
  • check in person the educational offer of the Partner University or ask for more information to the International Mobility Office;
  • take part in the International Days or the Information Meetings organized by the International Mobility office;
  • submit your application correctly within the deadline;
  • the Erasmus scholarship is meant as a partial coverage of the living expenses. While choosing the Host University please consider the living costs of the country also. 

Admission and requirements

You can submit your application, if you are a student of:

  • Undergraduate, graduate, Phd Programs of the University of Trento (Dep. of Economics and Management);
  • single classes (only single classes for admission to Master Degree Programs) of the Department of Economics and Management

You have to fullfill the requirements set in the Call for Applications. The requirements are:

  • minimum number of credits according to the year you are enrolled in (if asked);
  • be considered as student "in corso";
  • certify the minimum language level set by the Call by the deadline (min. B2 for English, min. B1 for French, German, Spanish, Portuguese).

The knowledge of the language can be certified according to different ways:

  • International Certificates (please check the certificates accepted by the Language Centre)
  • be enrolled in a Master Degree Program taught in English
  • other opportunities specified in the Call
  • Language Exams especially organized by the Language Centre of the University with the aim of taking part to the International Mobility Calls for Applications. You can enroll to max two exams (two different level of the same language or two different languages). The enrollment to the exam will be online during a special period of the year (more information in the Call).

You can apply only with one language per destination: this means that you do not have to comply both levels of the two languages, but just one. If you apply with the English language for a University where English is not the local language, please check carefully the educational offer in English of the Host University. 

Please note that you can start your Mobility Exchange period only upon acceptance of the Host University. 


The criteria for the final ranking are: 

1. Students who have awarded at least 18 credits by 31/03/2020:

  • Language: max 20 points
  • Study project: max 20 points
  • Standardized GPA (Data updated to 31/03/2020), different between Undergraduate and Graduate: max. 60 points

TOTAL: 100 points

2. Students who have not awarded at least 18 credits by 31/03/2020:

  • Language: max 20 points
  • Study project: max 20 points
  • Standardized Graduation Final mark: max 60 points

TOTAL: 100 points

Language requirement and criteria:

English language

B2 Level 14 points
C1 Level 17 points
C2 Level 20 points

French, German, Spanish, Portuguese:

B1 Level 14 points
B2 Level 17 points
C1 Level 19 points
C2 Level 20 points