Final credits Transfer

All the passed exams taken at the Host University and correctly added to the Learning Agreement on Esse3 (and Changes, if any) must be transferred to your UniTrento Career. It's not possible to decide which exams will be transferred or not (for example: because of a low mark).

Steps for the credits transfer:

  • Fill in the Credits Transfer Form with your Coordinator according to the Grade Conversione Table and attach the official Transcript of records. Once the Form is approved by the Coordinator, please submit it by email to the mobility-ssh [at] (International Mobility Office) before September 30th
  • If the number of credits is lower than the course in Trento, you can merge more exams to cover the credits of your UniTrento exam. In this case the courses have to be similar (=same Area)
  • If the number of credits is higher than the course in Trento, you can use the extra credits as:
    • electives  
    • integration of other exams
    • internship credits
    • extra credits
  • The UniTrento Coordinator is responsible for each Credits Transfer procedure and can decide upon the situation of the students and the credits awarded.
  • As for the Erasmus Program only, the final approval is decided by the Erasmus Coordinator of the Department of Economics and Management, prof. Paola Masotti. The International Mobility office will take care of the approval.

The exams will be transferred as extra credits only if:

  • you have already completed your Study Plan;
  • you attended the exam for your personal interest;
  • the exam is a language/culture course and can not be recognized in your career as language exam.

The marks received abroad will be transferred to the Italian University Grade system according to the Grade Conversion Table. If you merge more exams taken at the Host University, the final mark will be calculated on the weighted average of the Italian marks already converted. 

Once you submit the the Credits Transfer Form to the International Mobility Office, the exams will be transferred to your UniTrento Career on Esse3 according to your Study Plan. 

Credits transfer for Master Thesis research

  • If you undertook only Thesis research abroad, we will recognize the credits of the "Final Thesis" set by your Study Plan (usually 12 or 14). You have to submit the Credits transfer Form with an official Letter of the Host University that certifies you worked on your thesis during your Mobility period.
  • For Erasmus Program only: the student has to graduate by the Autumn graduation session (October max.)