The Department of Economics and Management has activated subscriptions to the following databases for the year 2020:

Passport di Euromonitor
Responsible: prof. Roberto Gabriele.
The db contains data, previsions and analysis on different categories of consumer goods, companies, consumers and markets.

MET (Monitoraggio, Economia e Territorio) 2013 e 2015 (wave)
Responsible :prof. Fabio Pieri – EMIL.
Multi-purpose survey on a representative sample of Italian companies. The database is built starting from the two waves relating to the years 2013 and 2015. The database also contains financial statement information from the AIDA bureau Van Dijk source.

Responsible: prof. Luca Erzegovesi – Fintech.
The FAST database provides analytical information, including the content of the explanatory notes, which are present in the financial statements of the Italian banks,and in the consolidated financial statements and in the half-yearly reports of the Italian banking groups. The data are available in excel format. Fintech research group carries out processing of such data in the Quantrix Modeler environment.

Responsible: prof. Flavio Bazzana – Fintech.
High frequency data for companies listed on Euronext Paris relating to (1) orders, (2) trade and (3) events throughout 2017. Each order is tagged whether HFT, mixed HFT or non-HFT.

UniTrento also makes other databases available to professors and students, please check this page.

For further information you can contact the data base responsible or research.dem [at]