Traineeships abroad

The Programme of the University of Trento for traineeships abroad gives students the opportunity to do an internship at companies and organizations around the world:

The internship can be:

  • compulsory: the internship is a compulsory requirement of your Study Plan;
  • after graduation: after graduation (to be completed within 12 months after your graduation date).

Credits transfer

After the internship you can get the credits transferred to your UniTrento career, if the internship is a compuslory requirement of your Study Plan. You have to submit the Traineeship Certificate, duly filled in and signed, to the International Mobility Office. Once you have submitted all the documents, the International Mobility office will transfer the credits to your career. Only if the internship is part of your Study Plan, it can be recognized. The procedure will not be applied to the students that undertake the internship as Graduates.