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KA2 Projects

The BRANDY project presented as part of the Erasmus + 2020 call, Key Action 2 Strategic Partnerships, has been approved by the Polish National Agency.

The partnership is coordinated by the University of Economics in Katowice (Poland) and Prof. Italo Trevisan takes part in the project for the University of Trento. The project has a duration of 36 months starting from 1 September 1, 2020.

Content and objectives:

The consortium will design, test and implement a new concept of experiential intensive course in the field of global brand management. Our main specifications define the educational system to be gamified, competitive and interactive.

The course can be sized for a group of approximatively 50-60 international students and 8-10 educators. The targeted students are in the end of their bachelor studies or at the beginning of Masters’ studies. They study international business or marketing for example.

The main activities to be conducted during the 3-year project are:

  • A review resulting in a state of the art about business science (and more specifically marketing and brand management) experiential courses
  • The definition of all steps of the intensive program based on a relevant brand management model, together with the production of the related educational contents
  • The definition and preparation of assignments for each step and their specific assessments
  • The design and programming of the educational platform where all contents and functionalities of the experiential intensive course are made available.
  • The testing and fine-tuning of the educational module thanks to three intensive programs organized along the time of the project.