Wednesday, 31 January - 3 PM - Seminar Room (DEM)

"Credit Supply and Green Investments"

Speaker: Michele Cascarano (Banca d'Italia, Trento)

Tuesday, 6 February - 2 PM - online

"Metacognition, Stakeholder Enrollment... and then what? Cognitive Frames and Debiasing in the Entrepreneurial Process"

Speaker: Bob Bastian (DEM UniTrento), Nicolai J. Foss (Copenaghen Business School)

Zoom link available upon request by writing to adm.dem [at]

Wednesday, 14 February - 3 PM - Seminar Room (DEM)

The Intended and Unintended Consequences of Taxing Waste” 

Speaker: Tommaso Colussi (Università Cattolica del Sacro)

Wednesday, 6 March - 3 PM- Seminar Room (DEM)

"Immigration and Innovation: Firm-level Evidence from France"

Speaker: Anna Maria Mayda (Georgetown University)

Wednesday, 13 March - 3 PM - 3F Room (DEM)

"Working longer or opting out? Women's costly response to a recent pension reform"

Speaker: Ylenia Brilli (University Ca' Foscari Venice), Elena Bassoli (Paris School of Economics)

Wednesday, 10 April - 3 PM - 3F Room (DEM)

"Openness to Failure in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems"

Speaker: Lisa De Propris (Birmingham Business School)

Tuesday, 16 April - 3 PM - Seminar Room (DEM)

"Does More Liability Mean More Prudence? The Effects of Increasing Directors’ Personal Liability on the Risk-taking in Private Financial Institutions"

Speaker: Annalisa Prencipe (Università Bocconi)

Wednesday, 8 May - 3 PM - 3F Room (DEM)

"A configurational approach to the relationship between ethnic diversity, leadership, and performance in healthcare teams"

Speaker: Timur Uman (Jönköping International Business School)

Thursday, 16 May - 2 PM  - Seminar Room II floor (DEM)

Unmasking greenwashing: Measuring greenwashing risk systematically"  

Speaker: Sebastian Utz (University of Augsburg)

Wednesday, 22 May - 3 PM - 2C Room (DEM)

"The ECB independence under threat"

Speaker: Stefano Micossi (Visiting Fellow, European University Institute, e Fellow, Institute for European Policymaking - Bocconi University) 

Wednesday, 29 May - 3 PM - 3F Room (DEM)

"Are farmers willing to cooperate on agri-environmental schemes? Evidence from Public Goods Games in four EU member state"

Speaker: Jens Rommel (Associate Professor at the Department of Economics, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)

Wednesday, 12 June - 3 PM - 3F Room (DEM)

"Random Forests for Contingent Valuation"

Speaker: Klaus Moeltner (Virginia Tech, Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics)