Behavioural Economy and Economic Choices

Researchers at ECSE study economic behavior in a multidisciplinary intellectual environment. The research activity combines insights from economics and psychology, with a strong focus on experimental studies conducted at the Cognitive and Experimental Economics Laboratory (CEEL).

The main research areas are: risk and uncertainty, inter-temporal choice, tax compliance, social preferences, and behavioral finance. The main goal of ECSE is to promote high-quality research that may contribute to the international academic debate.

The research activity of the Cognitive and Experimental Economics Laboratory (CEEL) relies on experimental methods to advance the understanding of how human cognition affects economic behavior. Research is conducted in a lively interdisciplinary environment that draws from economics, cognitive psychology, and organizational studies. CEEL also offers young scholars research-training opportunities through workshops, research grants, and partnerships with PhD programs.

Research areas

  • Scelte in condizioni di rischio
  • Presa di decisione (decision-making)
  • Preferenze sociali
  • Economia pubblica
  • Finanza comportamentale


  • prof. Luigi Mittone (Responsible)
  • prof. Luciano Andreozzi
  • dott. Sandro Casal
  • prof. Marco Faillo
  • prof.ssa Lucia Savadori
  • prof. Matteo Ploner