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Statistics: Theories and Applications

Research topics of the group members cover a broad spectrum of areas ranging from estimation and testing theory for univariate or multivariate data to sampling and modeling for large data-sets. Specific topics concern goodness of fit testing, tail estimation, fractional moments, spatial sampling, spatial statistics for geo-referenced micro-data, non-standard probability distributions, complex statistical problems for large dimensional multivariate data, multivariate models for loss distributions, simulation-based methods for intractable likelihoods. Applications to real world problems and collaboration with scholars in other fields represent a fundamental part of the activities of the group. Special attention is devoted to applications to tourism and environment, financial data, spatial data at both firm and regional level, impact evaluation of industrial policies, theoretical models and indicators supporting entrepreneurial activities, business surveys based on spatial sampling techniques.

Componenti del gruppo:

L’afferenza a STATA avviene a titolo individuale e sulla base di un comune interesse scientifico.

STATA ha collaborazioni con studiosi di numerose università e centri di ricerca nazionali e internazionali e con studenti di dottorato di diversi atenei oltre quello trentino.