The Department is the outgrowth of the Faculty of Economics and Commerce, which was founded in Trento in 1973. As a new academic institution, it brought together the two historical branches of Economics (DECO) and Informatics and Business Studies (DISA).

The Department (DEM) is actively involved in numerous fields of economic and management research and its members have intrinsically diverse interests – from the theoretical to the empirical, quantitative to experimental, and case study analysis to computer simulations. DEM hosts a multidisciplinary research environment where academics apply a wide array of methodologies to study:

  • Business ethics, social enterprises and social innovation
  • Decision making and economic choices
  • Financial markets and economic activity
  • Firm behaviour, strategic management and organization
  • Household and labour economics
  • Institutions, norms and economic policies
  • Tourism, environment, sustainable business and consumption

Research activities are carried out in teams who can depend on a vast network of national and international collaborators, some of whom are then welcomed as overseas visiting staff.

The Department is recognised as one of the best for teaching quality, demonstrated by its graduate employability ranking.

Among its other activities, the Department offers a wide range of study courses:

3 Undergraduate Courses in General Economics

  • Business Administration and Law (AAD)
  • Economics and Management (E&M)
  • Business Administration Studies (GA)

2 other undergraduate courses

  • for part-time students spread over four years. Lectures are concentrated on three weekday evenings and a continuous tutoring service is provided.
  • a five-year programme for professional accountants (COM)

11 Master programmes informed by professional knowledge and structured around the core DEM research groups, thus providing a solid guarantee of teaching excellence in:

  • Economics and Company Legislation
  • Finance
  • Management
  • Sustainable Tourism Management
  • BEA - Behavioural and Applied Economics 
  • MIM - Master in International Management
  • EMBS - European Master in Business Studies
  • MAIN - Master in Innovation Management
  • Data Science (interdepartmental)
  • MEIS - European and International Studies (interdepartmental)
  • MISS - International Security studies (interdepartmental)

International Mobility - Bilateral Agreements

First and Second Level Master Programmes

4 Research Doctorates (PhD)

  • Economics and Management
  • Development Economics and Local Systems (DELoS)
  • International Studies
  • Sustainability: Economics, Environment, Management and Society (Susteems)