The Department of Economics and Management, to encourage and support the basic research of its members, publishes a call for the funding of n. 2 research projects in areas of its scientific interest.

The Department promotes research activities in the fields of economics, management, quantitative and related disciplines in a perspective of interdisciplinary openness, favoring the broadest promotion and dissemination of knowledge.

The objective of the call, issued every two years, is to support and promote the research activity of the Department's members by encouraging collaboration and the exchange of knowledge between them.

The shortlisted projects are usually awarded an annual amount of 25,000 Euros for two years. The proponents of the winning projects will have to commit to co-financing the project activities.

The projects are selected by assessing:

  • quality of the research project: scientific merit, innovative nature, feasibility and adequacy of the project;
  • ability to carry out the proposed project: qualification, composition and complementarity of the members of the proposed structure;
  • organization of the project with regard to the proposed objectives, times and resources required (instruments, size of the research team, management);
  • originality;
  • scientific basis of the proposing research group with respect to the project theme;
  • creation of infrastructures available to the departmental community by the project.