At the end of each academic year the Programme Committee will decided upon the admission to the subsequent year of studies.

In order to be admitted to the second year of studies students must have: 

  • obtained the credits required by the Handbook through course attendance and positive assessments in the exams, as well as participation in other activities agreed upon with the tutor (e.g. seminars, workshops, summer schools);
  • presented a preliminary thesis project (research proposal). 

In order to be admitted to the third year of studies students must have: 

  • submitted and presented the first "research paper";
  • submitted and presented the draft of the second "research paper". 

In order to be admitted to the final exam students must have:

  • submitted and presented the second and the third "research papers".

The admission to the final exam is subject to a two-phase procedure:

  1. First phase - in September of the fourth year, the PhD student presents the third "research paper" according to the procedures agreed with the supervisors. 

    The Doctoral Programme Committee evaluates and approves the admission of each PhD student to the final exam based on the opinion of the supervisors and appoints two or more reviewers.

  2. The second phase involves the external evaluation by referees as established by the PhD Regulations. The referees have the task of expressing a written analytical judgment on the thesis within 30 days of the receipt of the thesis. They can propose the admission to public defence or, alternatively, postponement for a period not exceeding six months, if major revisions are required.