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The Department of Economics and Management offers the possibility to take part in different Exchange Programs or Internship Programs abroad. 

On the University of Trento website you will find detailed information about the Programs, the Calls for application and the Calendar, while here you will find detailed information about the opportunities for the students of the Dep. of Economics and Management.

During the Fall Term the International Mobility Office organizes:

  • the International Mobility Day for all students of the University of Trento 
  • the DEM International Mobility Day dedicated to the exchange opportunities for the students of the Department of Economics and Management.

Erasmus+ for studying

The Erasmus+ for studying (2014-2021) aims at promoting the Mobility Exchange between students of the European Universities and Universities of the following countries: Norway, Island, Lichtenstein, Switzerland and Turkey. 

Check on the International UniTrento if you are looking for general information on the Erasmus Program and read below if you are looking for detailed information about the opportunities for the students of the Department of Economics and Management:

Call for application and selection:

Before, during, after the mobility

Erasmus+ for internship

General information about the Program are available at the following link Erasmus+. Every academic yeart he University of Trento opens two Calls for Application : 

  • I call in Spring
  • II call in Fall 

The internship can be:

  • compulsory: the internship is a compulsory requirement of your Study Plan;
  • after graduation: after graduation (to end within 12 months after your graduation date).

How to get the credits transferred after the internship:

Bilateral Agreements

By taking part to the Bilateral Agreements students have the possibility to attend courses or carry out thesis research at Partner Universities around the world. General information about the Programs are available here.

Detailed information for the students of Department of Economics and Management:

Thesis Research abroad

The Program Thesis Research Abroad is a new possibility of undertaking Thesis research abroad at Host University/Reserach Centre/Companies worldwide. The Host Institution has to be found in cooperation with the Supervisor of the Thesis. 

The Call for Application is open every month. Detailed information on the Program and rules for applying are available here.

Internship abroad

The University of Trento is funding students for internship experiences abroad. The internship has to last 3 months and has to be compulsory (=credits transfer). The internship has to be found autonomously by the applicant.

For more information please have a look at the Job Guidance website.