How to fill in the Learning Agreement: golden rules

The credits of the exam passed at the Host University (or the thesis research) can be transferred to the UniTrento career if you respect the following rules:

  • before your departure you have to agree with your UniTrento Coordinator (= a Professor of the Department) the courses you are going to take abroad, by filling in the Learning Agreement (=Study Plan for abroad).
  • It's your responsability to check the educational offer of the Host University. The Coordinator will have the responsability to decide if the courses can be recognized in the UniTrento career;
  • the Learning Agreement has to be filled in on Esse3 and has to be approved online by the Coordinator in charge. Once approved, you have to download the pdf form and ask for the approval of the Host University.

Pay Attention! The approval of the Learning Agreement by UniTrento Coordinator and by The Host University Coordinator is compulsory for the departure and the credits transfer.

Which courses can be added to the Learning Agreement?

  • compulsory exams, only if the courses taken abroad are similar (=related to the same Area of teaching - not same Program)
  • electives exams: you can choose the course you prefer even if it is not offered in Trento, but it has to be relaled to your Study Path (economics/business/law). Iin this case you do not have to find the same course (as for the compulsory). Language and culture courses are not accepted.
  • Workshop/Seminars: only if the course offered at the Host University is organized as a Lab/Workshop (with active participation of the student), even if the topics are different. The topic has to be coeherent to your Study Plan.
  • Language courses: can be transferred only as compulsory language level exams (if asked by the Study Plan and if the level is the same of higher) or alternatively as extra credits.
  • Business English/German/Spanish (compulsory for the Master Degree Programs in Italian): the course can be taken abroad if the contens of the course are related to business language nad if the level is B2 or higher.
  • Internship
  • Thesis research (see the rules below) - only for Master students

Which courses can not be added to the Learning Agreement?

  • Exams of the first year of the Undergraduate Programs
  • Exams already passed in Trento
  • Language and culture focused courses as compulsory/electives. These courses can be transferred to the UniTrento career only as extra credits
  • Financial Planning Lab (compulsory for Business Administration Undergraduate Program)
  • Not only extra credits (the % between extra credits and credits recognized in the UniTrento career can not exceed 50%)

Other opportunities


  • You can use the credits of an exam passed at the Host University (not language/culture courses) to cover the credits of the compulsory internship. 
  • You can undertake the internship abroad during the Erasmus Mobility only if:
    • the internship is offered by the Host University
    • the internship is officially certified by the Host University on the Transcript of records
    • the internship does not overlap with the studying

Thesis research (only for Master students)

1. It's possible to undertake only Thesis research at the Host University if:

  • the Dissertation is completed abroad during the Exchange mobility
  • The student has to graduate within the Autumn session (October max.) of the a.y. of the Mobility
  • complete the Erasmus Mobility by end of August

2. It's possbile to combine studying and thesis research by adding to the Learning Agreement also courses that can be transferred to the UniTrento Career.

Pay attention! If the University is not using the ECTS system, the number of credits will be calculated on the class hours of the course (please consider that 6 class hours=1 ECTS).