Application and selection

The Erasmus+ and United Kigdom Call for selection is available at Open calls. In the application you must upload the personal and academic motivations and the Study plan for each Partner University (max. 4) by using the Annex 2.

The application deadline was January 19th, 2023 at 12.00.

Before starting your application

  • take part in the Information Meetings organized by the mobility-ssh [at] (International Mobility office)
  • read carefully the Call for selections available at the page Open selection calls
  • get the level of the language proficiency in time through the CLA language tests or an international certificate 
  • check carefully if the courses offered at the Partner University fits with your study plan
  • check carefully which courses of your study plan you can take abroad
  • while choosing the Host University consider the living costs of the country, since the Erasmus scholarship is meant as a partial coverage of the living expenses.

Admission and requirements

You have to fullfill the requirements set in the Call for Applications. The requirements usually are:

  • a minimum number of credits according to the year you are enrolled in
  • being enrolled in a Bachelor's Degree, Master,'s Degree, PhD or to the single courses
  • have the minimum language level proficiency required by the Call (at least B2 for English and B1 for French, German, Spanish, Portuguese).

If you apply with the English language for a University where English is not the local language, please check carefully the educational offer in English of the Partner University. 

Language test

The Language Centre of the University (CLA) organizes organizes special language test sessions for participation in UniTrento's international mobility calls during the opening period of the call for applications. You can register up to two different languages (ex. English B2 and French B1) but not for two levels of the same language (ex. English B2 and C1). Registration for the language test must be done through the online application.

The writing test (listening, reading, writing) will be taking place in November. The oral test will be taking place in January according to the calendar that will be published by the Language Centre at the page Open calls.

!! In case of dual language areas (e.g. English-German), it is not necessary to fulfill the language requirements for both languages: you can choose which area to apply in and fulfill the language requirement for that language. However, we recommend that you always check the teaching offer of the Partner University, especially if the language of application (e.g. English) does not coincide with the main language of instruction (e.g. German). However, you can apply with one language (e.g. English), but satisfy the requirement for both languages (e.g. English and German), which would allow you to access the entire course catalog of the Partner University.

International Certificate

If you have an International Certificate verify if it is accepted by the Department of Economics and Management, by checking the relevant Table at the bottom of the page.


The ranking will be published in this section within one month from the application's deadline. Students must accept/reject the Partner University they have been assinged to according to the ranking position and the Universities added in the application. If you don't accept the assigned destination, it will be considered as a withdrawal from the Program.

You can start your Mobility Exchange period upon acceptance of the Partner University. 

Selection criteria

1. Students who have earned at least 18 credits by 31/10:

  • Language: max 20 points
  • Study project: max 20 points
  • Standardized GPA, different between Undergraduate and Graduate: max. 60 points

TOTAL: 100 points

2. Master students who have not earned at least 18 credits by 31/10:

  • Language: max 20 points
  • Study project: max 20 points
  • Standardized Graduation Final mark: max 60 points

TOTAL: 100 points

First-year Undergraduate students will be required to interview with the Committee.

Points for language proficiency


  • B2 Level: 14 points
  • C1 Level: 17 points
  • C2 Level: 20 points

French, German, Spanish, Portuguese

  • B1 Level: 14 points
  • B2 Level: 17 points
  • C1-C2 Level: 20 points


The final ranking of the Erasmus+ for study and United Kingdom 2023-2024 related to the Department of Economics and Management is now available.

By the end of March I will organize a compulsory informative meeting and I will explain the procedures that you will have to carry out to organize your Mobility exchange.

application/pdfFinal ranking Erasmus 2023-24(PDF | 120 KB)
application/pdfcertificazioni internazionali INGLESE(PDF | 902 KB)
application/pdfCertificazioni internazionali FRANCESE(PDF | 166 KB)
application/pdfCertificazioni internazionali SPAGNOLO(PDF | 170 KB)
application/pdfCertificazioni internazionali TEDESCO(PDF | 196 KB)