DECO-CEEL Seminars: 
Cenni storici inerenti la formazione di comunità virtuali
Incentivi per l'inoltro all'informazione tra utenti delle comunità virtuali
Tecnologie per la creazione e la gestione delle comunità virtuali
dott. Ruggero Sgarbi - Esperto in analisi dei processi di inoltro delle informazioni nelle comunità virtuali

DECO Seminars:
How should we prepare students for attacking new scientific problems with computation?
Rosalind Reid - Executive Director, Institute of Applied Computational Science,Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Thursday, December 9 2010

DECO – Prin Seminar
Modelling and Macroeconomics
David Charles Colander - Christian A. Johnson Distinguished, Professor of Economics, Middlebury College
Thursday, December 7 2010

CIFREM seminars:
Top-down versus bottom-up macroeconomics
Paul De Grauwe - Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Wednesday, November 3 2010

DECO Seminars:
Inference on peer effects with missing peer data: evidence from project star

Aaron J. Sojourner - University of Minnesota - Twin Cities – Department of Human Resources and Industrial Relations
Wednesday, October 27 2010

Deco Seminars:
Financial Constraints, Firm Dynamics and Policy Implications

October - December 2010

DECO Seminars:
The current crisis: a description of its development and likely consequences

Alfredo Pastor - Professor of Economics, Banc Sabadell Chair of Emerging Markets, Instituto de Estudios Superiores de la Empresa (IESE) University of Navarra
Wednesday, September 15 2010

CIFREM seminars:
Choquet capacities and integrals: theoretical aspects and decision making models

R. A. Marques Pereira - Department of Computer and Management Sciences, University of Trento 
Thursday, June 24 2010

CIFREM seminars:
An experimental approach to organizational coordination: A review of the literature and some results

Giovanna Devetag - Department of Law and Management, University of Perugia
Thursday, June 17 2010

Innovazione e creatività nelle imprese vitivinicole: confronto tra Trentino, Valdobbiadene e Collio

Francesco Salamini - Presidente Iasma - Fondazione Mach
Luciano Pilati - Università di Trento
Vasco Boatto - Università di Padova
Sandro Sillani - Università di Udine
Attilio Scienza - Università di Milano
Venerdì 7 maggio 2010

CIFREM seminars:
Collective interpretation: a constraint satisfaction network model (with an application to organizational reliability)
Massimo Warglien - Ca Foscari University
Thursday, May 6 2010

DECO seminars:
The economics of collective reputation: minimum quality standards, vertical differentiation and optimal group size

Stefano Castriota - Department of Economics - University of Trento - Euricse
Marco Delmastro - Autorità per le Garanzie nelle Comunicazioni

DECO seminars:
Social capital, corporate social responsibility and social development

Giacomo Degli Antoni - Econometica
Marco Faillo - University of Trento
Luigi Bonatti - University of Trento
Stefano Castriota - Euricse, University of Trento
Michael Woolcock - Development Research Group, World Bank
Tuesday, April 27 2010 

CIFREM seminars:
On the imperceptible but inevitable emergence of crises
Alan Kirman - School of Applied Economics, Université Paul Cézanne (Aix-Marseille III)
Thursday, April 22 2010

CIFREM seminars:
Italian industry amid transformation and continuity

Silvia Giannangeli - UniCredit Group
Thursday, March 25 2010

CIFREM seminars:
Financial constrained fluctuations in an evolving network economy

Domenico Delli Gatti - Università Cattolica di Milano
Thursday, March 18 2010

CIFREM seminars:
Social accounting and its theories

Carlos Larrinaga Gonzales - Full professor of Accounting - Universidad de Burgos - Spagna
Thursday, March 11 2010

DECO-OPENLOC seminars:
Beyond GDP: Measuring Economic Well-being in OECD Countries
Andrew Sharpe - Executive Director of the Centre for the Study of Living Standards
Wednesday, April 28 2010

DECO seminars:
Housing rent dynamics in Italy

Concetta Rondinelli - Bank of Italy - Economic Outlook and Monetary Policy Department
Wednesday, March 10 2010

CIFREM seminars:
Empirical models to deal with unobserved heterogenity

Antonio Alvarez - Department of Economics, University of Oviedo
Thursday, February 25 2010

DECO seminars:
Medie imprese e “Quarto Capitalismo”
dott. Fulvio Coltorti - Responsabile Area Studi Mediobanca
Wednesday, March 3 2010

Research projects 2010 – 2011
Project: Financial frictions, firm dynamics and policy implications

Andrea Fracasso, Cinzia Lorandini, Stefano Schiavo, Chiara Tomasi
Project: A behavioral approach to the study of organizations: individual motivations and organizational designs
Sara Depedri, Marco Faillo, Matteo Ploner, Ermanno Tortia
Wednesday, February 17 2010

CIFREM seminars:
A dynamical model of exaptive innovation processes

Marco Villani - University of Modena and Reggio Emilia and ECLT European Centre for Living Technology
Thursday, February 11 2010

CIFREM seminars: 
Learning and the economics of small decisions

Ido Erev - Technion Israel Institute of Technology - Haifa
Tuesday, February 9 2010

CIFREM seminars:
Presentations second year doctoral students 
Inequality, Poverty, and the Effects of Volatility in Southeast Asian
vu Minh Hien
Competition-Fragility or Competition-Stability? Evidence from the Turkish Banking System
Elmas Yaldiz
Liberalization of the cotton sector in West Sub Saharan Africa: an announced failure
Lorenza Lorenzetti
Thursday, February 4 2010

CIFREM seminars:
In the eye of the storm. The state of macro
Roberto Tamborini
Thursday, January 28 2010

CIFREM seminars:
Presentations second year doctoral students 

The Growth of Co-operative Banks in Italy: Ownership Structure, Managerial Evolution, and Lending Performance
Ivana Catturani
Micro Impacts and Macro Determinants of Remittances: a Study of Albania
Ermira Hoxha Kalaj
Economic restructuring and political institutions: growth and redistribution in the post-Soviet transition economies
Kiryl Haiduk
Thursday, January 21 2010

CIFREM seminars:
Presentations second year doctoral students

Perceptions of Climate Change Risks in Choice Experiments: Public Acceptability of Adaptation and Mitigation Policies
Simone Cerroni
The co-evolution of organizational structure and individual decision-making: three applications of social network analysis
Gianna Giudicati
Thursday, January 14 2010



CIFREM seminars:
Platforms or Franchisors?

Wolfgang Gick - Harvard University
Thursday, November 26 2009

CIFREM seminars:
Persistence of Civil Wars

Andrea Vindigni - Princeton University – IMT Lucca
Wednesday, November 11 2009

DECO seminars:
FDI spillover effects in Hungary

Ichiro IWASAKI - Hitotsubashi University, Japan - School on Local Development, University of Trento
Wednesday, October 28 2009

MACRO seminars:
Keynes in the computer lab. Towards an agent-based Keynesian economy
Giulia Canzian - Department of Economics, University of Trento
Wednesday, October 14 2009

CIFREM seminars:
Lectio Magistralis: Heterogeneous and Multi-Agent Modelling
Shu-Heng Chen
– National Chengchi University, Taiwan
Monday, October 12 2009

DECO seminars:
Estimation and Selection of Nonlinear Vector Error Correction
George Rapsomanikis - Economist (Trade), Trade and Markets Division Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN
Wednesday, October 7 2009

DECO seminars:
Wither the World? In Quest for New Economic Paradigm
Grzegorz W. Kolodko - Leon Kozminski Academy of Entrepreneurship and Management in Warsaw Transformation, Integration and Globalization Economic Research Visiting Professor at School on Local Development -  Università di Trento
Wednesday, September 30 2009 

DECO seminars:
Research agenda for the crisis
Axel Leijonhufvud - University of Trento
Wednesday, July 8 2009 

CIFREM seminars:
Behind the migration decision: Family and Community Networks in Mexico-US Migration

Andrea Gentili - Cifrem, Università Studi di Trento
Thursday, July 23 2009

DECO seminars:
Management of hail risk: insurance or anti-hail nets?

Giuseppe Ricci - Università di Trento
Luciano Pilati - Università di Trento
Vasco Boatto - Università di Padova
Wednesday, June 24 2009 

CIFREM seminars:
Economic growth, structural change and natural resource booms: a structuralist prespective

Alberto Botta - Università di Pavia
Thursday, April 30 2009

DECO seminars:
Aiuti allo sviluppo e crescita economica: l'efficacia delle politiche tradizionali
Gabriella Berloffa - Università di Trento e IDEC
Giuseppe Folloni - Università di Trento e IDEC
Ilaria Schnyder - Università Bocconi, Milano
Mercoledì 22 aprile 2009

DECO seminars:
Bank lending, durable goods and spreads
Emiliano Santoro - University of Trento, Department of Economics     
Wednesday, March 11 2009

DECO seminars:
Sun and The Times: the coexistence of mass and elite media in the market for news
Maria Rosa Battaggion - Bergamo University and KITES Bocconi University
Alessandro Vaglio - Bergamo University
Wednesday, February 25 2009

DECO seminars:
Individual and collective reputation: lessons from the wine market
Stefano Castriota - Department of Economics, University of Trento
Marco Delmastro - Autorità per le Garanzie nelle Comunicazioni a Roma
Wednesday, February 11 2009

MACRO seminars:
Trade-imbalances networks and exchange rate adjustement: the paradox of a new plaza
Andrea Fracasso, Stefano Schiavo - Department of Economics, University of Trento
Wednesday, February 4 2009

Reading/discussion group
Maria Luigia Segnana, Andrea Fracasso, Giuseppe Vittucci, Alex Bernard
Department of Economics, University of Trento

  • Why bilateral trade imbalances hide macro coordination problems
  • The real counterpart: international sourcing and the network analysis
  • Why and how global manufacturing could be interpreted  in terms of network analysis
  • Data_bases on international sourcing and trade and business statistics

Thursday, January 29  2009



CIFREM seminars:
Informal learning, development of key competencies and human resource management in workplaces. The importance of organizational design (with Alessandro Gaj).
Riccardo Leoni - Università di Bergamo
Thursday, December 18 2008

DECO seminars:
Collusion and selective supervision (job market paper)
Alberto Motta - Dipartimento di Economia, Università di Padova
Wednesday, December 17 2008

CIFREM seminars:
Inequality and civil war: measurement problems and new evidence
Daniele Bortolotti - CIFREM PhD student
Measuring regulatory stringency in the chemical industry
Mariana Doria - CIFREM PhD student
Thursday, December 11  2008

CIFREM seminars:
Trust, truth, status and identity: an experimental inquiry
Jeffrey V. Butler - University of California Berkeley and Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance
Thursday, December 4 2008

DECO seminars:
Measuring trade regionalism
Lelio Iapadre - University of L'Aquila, Johns Hopkins University, Bologna Center, and UNU-CRIS, Bruges
Wednesday, December 3 2008

CIFREM seminars:
Land market development and agricultural production efficiency in Albania
Sara Savastano - Università di Roma - Tor Vergata               
Thursday, November 27 2008

DECO seminars:
Individual and couple decision behaviour under risk: the power of ultimate control
Anthony Ziegelmeyer - Max Planck Institute of Economics, Strategic Interaction Group
Jena, Germany
Wednesday, November 26 2008

CIFREM seminars:
Innovation and growth through local and global interaction (with Franco Nardini)
Rainer Andergassen - Università di Bologna, CIG and RCEA
Massimo Ricottilli - Università di Bologna, CIG
Thursday, November 20 2008

DECO seminars:
Innovation in the financial sector: persistence and schumpterian hypotheses econometric evidence in Germany
Roberto Napoli - Faculty of Economics
University of Trento, Italy
Wednesday, November 19 2008

CIFREM seminars:
Using flexible taste distributions to value collective reputation for environmentally friendly methods (with Mara Thiene and Francesco Marangon)
Riccardo Scarpa - University of Waikato, New Zealand
Thursday, November 13 2008

DECO seminars:
State-business relations and improvement of corporate governance in Russia
Andrei Yakovkev - Institute for Industrial and Market Studies State University – Higher School of Economics
Wednesday, November 12 2008

Cifrem seminars:
What is good research in economics? Problems and tools from ECONLIT
Maria Cristina Marcuzzo - Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza
Thursday, November 6 2008

Cifrem seminars:
Learning dynamics between rivals in alternative space arrangements (with Guido Fioretti and Vincenza Odorici)
Cristina Boari - Università di Bologna
Thursday, October 30 2008

CIFREM Open day 2008 - Lectio Magistralis
Macroeconomic theory and the global economic crisis
John Driffill - Birkbeck College, University of London
Monday, October 20 2008

DECO seminars:
Aspetti comportamentali e prospettive sperimentali nella valutazione economica dei beni ambientali
Riccardo Scarpa - Visiting Professor Dipartimento di Economia, Universita' degli Studi Trento
Mercoledi' 15 Ottobre 2008

CIFREM seminars:
Second year doctoral students
Exploring the effects of real effort in weak-link lab experiments
Speaker: Stefania Bortolotti
The Dynamics of Migration: Network Effects and Social Capital
Speaker: Andrea Gentili
Determinants of Successful Entrepreneurship in Vietnam
Speaker: Tran Thu Hien
Thursday, October 9  2008

CIFREM seminars:
An experimental study of conventions and norms
Francesco Guala - Department of Sociology and Philosophy, University of Exeter and CEEL, University of Trento
Thursday, October 2 2008

CIFREM seminars:
Life duration of new foreign firms: the case of Vietnam
Binh Thanh Dinh - CIFREM PhD student
University of Trento
Thursday, July 24 2008

CIFREM seminars:
Adoption of improved seeds and inorganic fertilizers in Nepal
Sridhar Thapa - CIFREM PhD student
University of Trento
Thursday, July 17 2008

CIFREM seminars:
Productivity accounting based on auxiliary prices
Matteo Degasperi - CIFREM PhD student
University of Trento  
Tuesday, June 17 2008

CIFREM seminars:
A bank covenants pricing model
Flavio Bazzana - Department of Computer and Management Sciences  
University of Trento
Thursday, June 12 2008

DECO seminars:
Post-apartheid system of innovation
Mario Scerri - Tshwane University of Technology Pretoria
Wednesday, June 11 2008

CIFREM seminars:
The economics of organizational design. A study of the managerial hierarchy of high-tech start-ups.
Massimo Gaetano Colombo - Politecnico di Milano, Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering
Thursday, June 5 2008

DECO seminars:
U-KNOW: “Understanding the relationship between knowledge and competitiveness in the enlarging European Union”
Tuesday, June 10 2008

CIFREM seminars:
On some statistical regularities in the evolution of industries: evidence, interpretation and open questions
Giovanni Dosi - Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna di Pisa
Thursday, May 29 2008

DECO seminars:
Labor issues in Peru and a specific application: a downward-sloping supply curve
Gustavo Yamada
Wednesday, May 21 2008

DECO seminars:
Through the looking-glass: new visions and hand tools for the economics of academic research
Francesco Rentocchini
Wednesday, May 14 2008

DECO seminars:
Economia dei beni culturali - una panoramica
Chiara Dalle Nogare - Università di Brescia
Mercoledi' 7 maggio 2008

DECO seminars:
The impact of (in)equity of opportunities on wealth distribution: evidence from ultimatum games
Gianluca Grimalda - University of Warwick
Wednesday, April 16 2008

DECO seminars:
Social norms and beliefs: an experimental investigation
Stefania Ottone, Marco Faillo and Lorenzo Sacconi - LASER - Department of Economics University of Trento
Wednesday, March 12 2008

DECO seminars:
Reciprocity and social effects in a multi-agent investment game: an experimental investigation
Matteo Ploner - Computable and Experimental Economics Laboratory, University of Trento
Wednesday, March 5 2008

DECO seminars:
The impact of financial constraints on firm survival, growth and export decisions
Stefano Schiavo - Department of Economics and School of International Studies
University of Trento OFCE
Wednesday, February 27 2008

DECO seminars:
The glue of the economic system: the effect of relational goods on trust and trustworthiness
Marco Faillo - Department of Economics, University of Trento
Wednesday, February 13 2008